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Livestock Association Speaks At School Calendar Hearing
  Members of the Barbour County Livestock Association and the Barbour County Fair Board attended Monday night’s Board of Education to speak during the 2015-2016 School Calendar hearing. Assistant Superintendent Jeff Kittle led the hearing to discuss the calendar dates for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year.
  During the hearing, the board members heard from representatives of the Barbour County Livestock Association, Barbour County 4-H members and leaders, and members of the Barbour County Fair Board, all of whom expressed their desire for students to be given educational leave during the week of the Barbour County Fair. Ideally, the organizations would like to see students have the Thursday and Friday of fair week off from school. The Fair Board has agreed to work with the schedule in order to better accommodate students’ educational needs.
  The current school calendar starts much earlier than in previous years, with a projected start date for next school year in early August. As a result, students are now in school during the week of the fair, which puts a strain on the students and parents who participate in livestock events.
  Roughly 70-100 students participate in livestock events at the fair, which requires each participant to spend long days and longer nights at the fairgrounds showing and taking care of their animals, in addition to the cost of animals and feed for their livestock projects. For those students that receive educational leave of absence or are simply counted absent during the fair, make-up work from the missed instructional time is also time-consuming and difficult, putting more strain on students and teachers.
  Although officials are limited by legislation and other factors in the flexibility of the school calendar, the board agreed to do their best to see how the requests made by the Livestock Association and Fair Board could be worked with.
  The school calendar must be approved by the Board of Education and sent to the state prior to May 1, 2015. The next public hearing for the 2015-2016 School Calendar will be held on March 23, at 6 p.m. at the Board of Education Office in Philippi.

Barbour County School Calendar Continue Through June
  Barbour County students have missed a total of 15 instructional days as of Tuesday, February 24, 2015. In order to make up the missed days, adjustments must be made to the current school calendar, which will likely force both students and staff to report for school well into June.
  Assistant Superintendent Jeff Kittle stated at Monday evening’s Board of Education meeting that the school year is projected to continue through June 9, 2015, as of Friday, February 20. According to new legislation beginning this year, all schools are required to hold 180 days of instructional time for students, regardless of cancellations.
  With Barbour County seeing several school closings and delays because of inclement weather, the school year calendar has already been extended past the initial end date of June 2. As of Tuesday, a total of 15 instructional days had been missed and will need to be rescheduled. If the county were to see more inclement weather delays and closings, the calendar may extend even further into June.

Four Philippi Police Officers Honored At City Council
  The Philippi Police Department honored four officers at last Tuesday’s Philippi City Council meeting. Chief of Police Jeff Walters presented award pins to four officers from his department. Three officers received the Police Officer Life Saving Award for their actions while on duty and one officer received the Police Officer Purple Heart for injuries sustained in the line of duty.
  “I, personally, am very proud of these officers. When I took over this department, it was a little bit of a mess, but with the help of these guys we have straightened it out. I think we are one of the most professional police departments in the state of West Virginia now,” stated Chief Walters, who also expressed his gratitude for the continued support of the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, and other entities who do their best to make the Police Department the best that it can be.
  Sergeant Scott Gillis was honored with the Police Officer Life Saving Award for his heroic actions on August 8, 2014. Sgt. Gillis responded to the Blue & Gray Park to a report of a combative female. While in route to the scene, Sgt. Gillis received additional information that the woman may have overdosed. Upon arrival, Sgt. Gillis observed an unresponsive female in the backseat of a vehicle. Sgt. Gillis checked the woman’s vital signs and found none. He then immediately removed her from the vehicle and began performing CPR. The female took a deep breath as Sgt. Gillis administered CPR and regained consciousness. The woman survived the incident because of Sergeant Gillis’ actions, for which he received the award.
  On October 19, 2014, Patrolmen Dustin Cal and Alex Bolton responded to a reported altercation at Sheetz of Philippi. Upon arrival, the officers found a female who appeared distraught and upset. The officers determined that the woman was intoxicated. During questioning, the woman stated that she had gotten into a fight with two other individuals. As the officers questioned her, the female became irate and disorderly. The woman was arrested and transported to the Philippi Police Department Headquarters. While in route to the station, the female passed out, but awoke when officers removed her from the vehicle. She was then helped into a chair in the booking area, where she then lost consciousness and began convulsing. The officers immediately removed the hand restraints and placed her on the floor as they called for EMS help. Upon checking the woman’s vital signs, the officers found none.
  While Patrolman Bolton stabilized the female, Patrolman Cale began to administer CPR. At one point, the woman began to breathe again, but continued to seize. When she stopped breathing once more, the officer began CPR again. For approximately ten minutes, the officers performed CPR until EMS arrived on scene. The female survived the incident. For their heroic actions, Patrolman Dustin Cale and Patrolman Alex Bolton were awarded the Police Officer Life Saving Award.
  In addition to the three officers receiving the Police Officer Life Saving Award, Patrolman Shane Miller received the Police Officer Purple Heart. On June 24, 2012, Patrolman Miller was in route with his lights and siren on to assist other officers on scene. As Patrolman Miller was traveling south on U. S. Route 250 and approaching the intersection of the Philippi bypass, another driver turned their vehicle into Patrolman Miller’s right of way. Although Miller attempted to swerve to miss the vehicle, the other vehicle struck Miller’s vehicle, changing his path of travel and causing him to crash into a building. Patrolman Miller sustained multiple injuries and was hospitalized. Miller spent the next 14 months recovering and rehabilitating. Patrolman Miller returned to duty, but still experiences complications from the injuries he sustained. Patrolman Miller was presented with the Police Officer Purple Heart for injuries sustained in the line of duty and for his heroic return to duty.  
  Police Chief Jeff Walters also expressed his gratitude for Barbour County Prosecuting Attorney Leckta Poling, who Walters says is willing to help the Philippi Police Department whenever the need arises, answering their many legal questions.
  The officers were honored by the City of Philippi Council members, their families, and friends in attendance at the meeting.

Belington Municipal Election To Be Held Tuesday, March 3
  The City of Belington will hold a Municipal Election on March 3, 2015. Early voting is taking place at City Hall during business hours. Saturday, February 28, is the last day for early voting. The general election day will be Tuesday, March 3. Positions to be filled include Mayor and City Council seats for each ward.
  Candidates for Mayor include: Bobby King and Matt Ryan. City Council Candidates include: Ward 1, Jerry Phillips and Chuck Alth; Ward 2, Craig Bolton III and Dylan Cota (write-in); Ward 3, Suzanne Skidmore, Dana Booth, Heather Hart Johnson, and Sonny Moore; and Ward 4, Joey Bolyard, Arley Stout, Pam Allen, and Kelli Kittle.
  The Belington Revitalization Committee and On TRAC sponsored a Meet the Candidates night on Tuesday, February 17, at the Belington Fire Hall for candidates of the upcoming Belington Municipal Election. Candidates were given time to introduce themselves and their platforms, followed by a brief question and answer period.
The City of Belington Municipal Election will be held on Tuesday, March 3, 2015.

Scholarships Available Through BC Community Foundation
  The Barbour County Community Foundation is pleased to announce that scholarship applications are now being accepted for the 2015-2016 academic year. High School seniors who plan to attend an accredited two- or four-year post secondary institution may apply for these scholarships. The Broaddus Hospital Scholarship is open to any Barbour County resident or Broaddus Hospital employee pursuing a degree or certificate health care.
  The available scholarships are:
  The Wilda Matlick Scholarship. This scholarship in the amount of $650 per semester for two semesters is available to a Philip Barbour graduate accepted to a trade school, college, or university.
  The Derek Shomo Scholarship. This $250 scholarship is available to a graduating senior that participated in softball or baseball.
  The Barbour County Chamber of Commerce Scholarship. Two scholarships in the amount of $500. This applicant must have a 2.5 or higher GPA at the end of the first semester of their senior year.
  The Wilbert W. and Susan M. Tenney Scholarship. This $550 scholarship will go to a graduating Philip Barbour senior majoring in agriculture, animal care, or a related field.
  The William Robert and Dolores J. McDaniel Scholarship. Awarded to a Philip Barbour senior graduating with at least a 2.75 GPA and enrolling as a full time student in the Nursing Program at Alderson Broaddus College. This is currently the Foundations' largest scholarship at $1400 per semester for two semesters.
  The FTD-Thornhill Florist Scholarship. $300 to a student majoring in an agriculture related field.
  The Barbour County Community Foundation Scholarship. The Foundation will be awarding two scholarships this year—each in the amount of $500 for two semesters. The recipient will be required to maintain a 2.75 GPA for the first semester to retain eligibility for the second semester award.
  The Broaddus Hospital Scholarship. This scholarship will go to a Barbour County resident or Broaddus Hospital employee pursuing a degree or certificate in a heath care related field. $500 per semester for two semesters. Second semester award will require a cumulative 3.0 GPA.
  The Bessie Campbell Scholarship. To a Philip Barbour graduating senior going on to college or trade school. $550.
  The Lowell Ball Scholarship. This $300 scholarship goes to a graduating senior at PBHS enrolling in a college or university and majoring in science.
  The scholarship applications are available at the PB High School counselors’ office or online at barbourcountycf.org. The application deadline is March 31, 2015. Anyone wishing to donate to any of the these scholarship funds can do so by contacting any Foundation board member or send a donation to Barbour County Community Foundation, PO Box 284, Belington, WV 26250

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