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Philippi Police Department Holds Block Party To Meet And Greet Public
  On Saturday, the Philippi Police Department held an open house and block party at their headquarters within the Hu Myers Building. The event invites the community to visit and tour the Police Department, view the department’s equipment, and to get to know their local police force.
  Philippi Police Officer Sergeant Scott Gillis says that the officers host the block party and open house to improve the department’s relationship with the community.
  “We don’t want the public to fear us. We don’t want the community to feel that we’re not for the people because we are for the people,” says Sergeant Gillis. “We hold this event to allow the community to meet each and every individual officer to build a relationship of trust with the department.”
Several display stations were set up in the parking lot of the Hu Myers Building to showcase the different devices and tools used by the police officers, as well as to showcase the variety of drug paraphernalia which has been confiscated by the Philippi Police Department.
  “These displays let the public know what we have and that all of our devices and tools are here to help us protect them,” Sergeant Gillis explains. Officers took turns speaking about the different tools and paraphernalia on display. “We want to make the public aware that these things were taken out of the city on a local level, that there are these types of drugs taking place in their community. It is on the streets and so we want to let the public know that we’re doing our job. We’re taking this stuff off the streets.”
  In addition to hotdogs and other refreshments, the block party also offered guests and children a chance to participate in a drunk driving simulator bicycle ride. The effects of intoxication on a person’s motor skills is simulated through a pair of goggles which inhibit the wearer’s vision and response ability. The Philippi Police Department feels the dangers of driving under the influence are vitally important for the public to know and understand on a deep level, which the simulator helps them safely achieve.
  “The drunk driving simulator helps show the dangers of being intoxicated on the roadway. My family, your family, everybody’s families are on the road. If you put those goggles on, you quickly realize that operating the bicycle while impaired is very difficult, which is very similar to when someone operates a vehicle impaired,” says Sergeant Gillis. “I want to ensure the safety of my family the same as my family. So making the public aware of how dangerous driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is very important to us at the Philippi Police Department.”
  The officers of the Philippi Police Department are Chief of Police Jeff Walters, Sergeant Scott Gillis, Senior Patrolman Shane Miller, Patrolman Dustin Cale, Patrolman Alex Bolton, and Patrolman First Class Clifford Keller.
The Shine Effect Featured Band At Barbour Fairgrounds For July 3rd Celebration
  The Shine Effect, an energetic three-piece Christian rock band from Jacksboro, Tennessee, will be featured on-stage during the annual Independence Day Family Celebration at the Barbour County Fairgrounds the evening of Friday, July 3.  
  Other entertainment will also be featured, including the local Danny and Jamie Kittle with special guest Morissa Mallow. The evening activities include fireworks, food vendors, and family glow games.
  The Shine Effect got their name from the Sermon on the Mount. The band released their first album, “The Life, the Hope, the Journey” in 2011 and since has played over 300 concerts with many great bands. “With Open Eyes” was released in 2013. This January, the band began playing acoustic concerts and looks forward to ministry and worship opportunities as part of their mission to be a shining light in a dark world. Their albums are available on iTunes and Amazon, and their on-line store carries clothing, posters, and other merchandise.
ArchCoal Donates To Sago Memorial Fund
  The Sago Memorial Fund in Philippi received a donation from ArchCoal on Thursday, June 18. Main Street Director and City Clerk, Tammy Stemple accepted the $2,000 donation on behalf of the fund. The Sago Memorial will honor those who lost their lives in the Sago Mine Disaster in 2006.
  Presenting the check to Stemple were ArchCoal representatives Josh Carr, Human Resources Manager; Scott Whitaker, General Manager; Tim Haddix, Maintenance Superintendent; and Delbert Weaver, Mine Superintendent, at the Century Mine Complex off of Route 76.
  “The donation will go toward the second phase of the Sago Memorial project, which will include buying the granite block, placing the bronze work on the granite, and some landscaping and etching,” says Stemple.
  The Sago Memorial will be placed in the Blue & Gray Park in the grass area facing the flags near the Covered Bridge, which will allow visitors to have easy access to the memorial. Currently, the memorial bronze work resides in the window of Mullens & Mullens offices along Main Street in Philippi.
  “Today’s donation is very crucial,” Stemple says. “Our previous balance was $6,858. This will bring our balance to $8,858, so we have a couple more thousand to go to meet our ten thousand dollar goal. We’re getting close.”
  To make a donation to the Sago Memorial Fund, contact Tammy Stemple at Philippi Main Street at 304-457-3700 ext. 226 or make a direct donation at Premier Bank to the Sago Memorial Fund.

Philippi Library Receives Two New Learning Stations
  On Thursday, June 18, the Philippi Public Library received a donation of two learning stations for the children’s area of the library. An AWE Early Literacy Station computer and an AWE After School Edge computer were purchased through a $5,200 donation by CONSOL Energy.
  “This is amazing that we have these because we’re such a small library,” says Judy Buckner Larry, director of the Philippi Public Library. “These are very nice AWE Early Literacy Station computers that the kids can not only play games on, but can do homework on. Each computer has a whole curriculum with age-appropriate programs that include math, history, English, and all kinds of things.”
  The Early Literacy Station is an all-in-one computer designed with educational programs for children ages two to eight years old; the After School Edge system is designed for elementary children ages six to 12. The software programs on the two stations will cover a variety of educational curriculum areas, including math, reading, history, arts, geography, and more.
  “We’re proud to partner with the library to provide groundbreaking educational tools for children,” stated Tommy Johnson, Vice President of Government and Public Relations for CONSOL Energy, in a press release.
  The library also received a donation from the family of Mrs. Fulvia Chitester, who passed away in December 2014. Mrs. Chitester was a Philippi resident and “understood the value of early literacy,” according to her daughter-in-law Kathy Chitester. The Chitester family donated two computer desk stations and a new rolling bookcase tower for the children’s area in the library.
  “We are so grateful to CONSOL Energy and to the family members of Mrs. Chitester for these gifts and for making these changes possible,” stated Library Director Judy Buckner Larry. “Early literacy, including digital learning, is paramount.”

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Former Delegate Mary Poling Honored by Barbour Chamber
  The Barbour County Chamber of Commerce honored the remarkable career in public education—and the recognized public service to Barbour County and the state of West Virginia—of Mary Poling during the Chamber’s Annual Banquet Meeting at Alderson Broaddus University. A recently retired member of the West Virginia House of Delegates, Poling is a native of Barbour County and graduate of the county school system to which she returned to complete a life-time of service in the classroom after graduating from West Virginia University with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. She was elected to the House of Delegates in 2000 where she was a member of the Agriculture, Finance, and House Rules Committees, and where she served as Vice Chair of the Committee on Industry & Labor and as Chair of the House Education Committee. Poling is a member of the Barbour County Development Authority, West Virginia Farm Bureau, West Virginia 4-H All Stars, West Virginia Mathematics Leadership Team, Association of Retired School Employees, American Legion, and Junior Lions Club. Outgoing Chamber President Ron Phillips of Builders Center presented Poling with a complimentary gift certificate for the Stonewall Jackson Resort for a job well done.

Philippi Council Meets In Regular Session; Approves Motions
  Philippi City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, June 16, at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers within the Philippi City Building.
At the meeting, the council members motioned to forgive an inter-departmental loan from the garbage department to the transfer station. Forgiveness of the loan was approved unanimously by the council members.
  In addition, the council members motioned to close an old, unused bank account for the infrastructure grant fund that has seen no activity in several years. The fund currently has $3,551.05 in it. The city will transfer the remaining funds into the general fund savings account. The motion passed unanimously.
  In other news, City Clerk Tammy Stemple brought a request before the council for an new event to be hosted in downtown by the Philippi Main Street on Saturday, August 15, 2015. The event, unnamed as of yet, will be a music, food, and brews festival that will bring together great bands and food to offer something new to the area.
  At the close of the meeting, the council members voted to close the North Philippi steps on North Walnut Street that lead up to Route 250. The steps have been deteriorating for some time. Mayor Jerry Mouser stated that the city has examined the steps thoroughly and found that the sidewalk has very little foot traffic. Since the steps are so heavily deteriorated, it would cost an estimated $10,000 to replace and fix the steps. Because the city found little foot traffic use on the steps, Mayor Mouser recommended the steps be closed and removed. The council members motioned to remove steps and close the walkway, which was approved and passed unanimously.
  Philippi City Council will meet again on Tuesday, July 7, 2015, at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers in the City Building.

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